Nutritional Support for Autoimmune Disorders

About Me

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Veronika.

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and a Registered Nurse(RN) that specializes primarily in autoimmune disorders and weight loss. Although my practice is situated in Ottawa, Ontario , I do work with clients via Skype from all around the world. I am continually learning new information and techniques that complement and enhance my nutrition practice.

I’ve been working with and coaching clients for over 4 years and in that time, have seen incredible transformations and miraculous healing take place in many of my clients’ lives.

I chose to focus on clients with autoimmune disorders because I know firsthand what it is like to have an autoimmune disorder and struggle with excess weight.


NOW…Let me tell you my story.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ). At the time, I was told by doctors that I would NOT be capable of having babies because my ovaries were COVERED in cysts. At the time, I was only 25 years old, and for as long as I could remember, I wanted nothing more than to be a mother. So I cried for many nights and then I got my shit together and started doing the necessary research. Overnight, I went from eating a SAD diet ( Standard American Diet ) to a raw vegan diet. And only 3 months later, I was pregnant!!!! I was so excited and over the moon, I was so grateful for the diet and nutritional healing it provided me.

But my pregnancy hormones took over and I started eating everything there was in sight! By 20 weeks of pregnancy, I was on bed-rest because of pregnancy-induced hypertension (high blood pressure that is very dangerous during a pregnancy). By the time my labor was induced at 36 weeks of pregnancy, I had gained no less than 90 POUNDS!!!!!! I remember after I gave birth, I couldn’t even put my feet inside my CROCKS! Do you even realize how swollen your feet had to be for them not to fit into crocks???? I was breastfeeding and felt like I was hungry ALL the time. I mean I would be eating and already thinking of the next thing to eat because I was starving.

By the time my baby boy was 11 months old, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (it was 4 days before Christmas when I was given what felt like a death sentence). I was alone at the doctor’s office, I cried my eyes out and then by the time I came home I made the decision that I would not be a victim in this and that I would not be treated like one.

Instinctively, I knew there was a way out and changing my diet was the answer for me. I read, researched, watched presentations by various doctors/researchers and knew what needed to be done. I refused MS medications and tried a variety of supplements. I had flare-ups for a year since the day of my diagnosis and the doctor put me on sick leave. I have removed mercury amalgam dental fillings, did several detox programs and finally the numbness and tingling went away, I had more energy and I had Mother Nature to thank for all of this.

In the next 4 years, I had 2 more babies, and along the way I forgot to put myself first. Having an autoimmune condition along with the stress of having 3 children under the age of 5, having a full-time and a part-time job along with part-time school and I was in a hole called adrenal exhaustion . I had gained a LOT of weight which seemed to be stuck no matter what I did, and I was a wreck.

In November 2015, I finally put myself first, left my babies and husband behind and went away for a month and a half to St Croix, US Virgin Islands . While there, I did a 32-day water fast (yep I drank ONLY water and had NOTHING to eat for all those days) and learned some amazing lessons along the way. Although there were many benefits to doing the water fast, I felt physically better; most of the benefits I have experienced were spiritual and emotional.

Those of you who have an autoimmune disorder probably know that it is so much easier for your body to develop another type of autoimmune disorder. And so I managed to develop an underactive thyroid . My hair was falling out by the handfuls and I was gaining weight by just looking at food. I knew that I needed to re-evaluate what I was doing with my body, mind and spirit and figure the way back to health and FAST!

So through more courses and education I finally figured out the ultimate diet and lifestyle for me. Within days, the weight started to melt off my body, I started to feel energized, my hair stopped falling out and I no longer needed to take naps during the day. In August 2017, my Nurse Practitioner called to follow up on my blood work I did recently and told me to “ keep doing whatever you are doing as its working for you ” — my inflammatory markers, fasting blood sugar and hormones were all within optimal range and my thyroid that was underactive only 8 months previously was functioning at an optimal level!

Why am I telling you this?

When I look at these 2 pictures I see 2 COMPLETELY different people: I see the sadness in the first one, the weight of the world is on her shoulders, the pain of being stuck and not knowing who else to turn to for help. This was only 2-3 years ago when my health was spiraling out of control and anxiety was taking over every single day. I would go to bed and wake up with a panic attack, every part of my body was in agonizing pain, and I hated living in my body daily. BUT this person kept on searching for answers, she didn’t give up when the doctors were telling her that everything was “fine” and it was “just depression”. There was nothing fine about her eating a spoonful of rice and waking up the next day swollen to the point where it was hard to open her eyes. It was not fine to not want to get out of bed because there was no energy left. I am so grateful to her for her will power because without HER there would be no ME. She pushed for answers. She studied every topic associated with the autoimmune conditions and how to heal it naturally, she NEVER GAVE UP. 

So now there is this happy, full of life, joy and energy, healthy, living with the passion ME. I love every single part of my body, I live in gratitude every single day because I AM who I am. I speak my mind freely and no longer the prisoner of my own body and emotions. I am perfect the way I am and I finally accept myself as I am. What a freeing feeling this is.

If you are feeling “stuck”, if you don’t know how to get out of bed every day, if you don’t like yourself (mentally, emotionally or physically)- just know you are NOT alone, and there IS a way out, you just need to find the right person, who will be your guiding light to get out of this black hole of emotional crap. Don’t give up on searching for answers- they are out there. Expand your mind with different knowledge: nutrition, energetic work, quantum physics (if you do not understand it now go learn it), learn how to set effective goals, how to organize your day, learn how to use your will power to change your thought process, learn everything about THE mind- this knowledge and applying this knowledge will set you free.


  • I know what it’s like being sick and not being able to go play outside with your kids because there is just nothing left in you.
  • I know what MS and hypothyroidism does to your body.
  • I know that because you have no control over your body you tend to take it out on those you love (because you hope they will understand and help).
  • I know what it is like not wanting to get out of bed, what it’s like to look at yourself in the mirror and not like the person you see.
  • I know what it’s like just feeling like a crappy mother because you do not want your kids to bother you and ask you bazillion questions.


I am here to help you get out of this hole, I am here to guide you back to the loving, caring, amazing person that you are. I am here to help you reconnect with your family and friends, I am here to help you love and enjoy your life.

So let’s start together and reach our dreams. Together, we CAN do it!

The secret of getting ahead is getting startedMark Twain