21 Day Ketogenic Challenge

$129.99 (+tax)

3 Weeks to FUEL your Body Optimally!

Become Fat Adapted through the Ketogenic Lifestyle, Learn to Biohack for Lasting Benefits and enjoy a Fully Guided & Customizable program.

 Start the program ANYTIME from the comfort of your own home 

3 Weeks to FUEL Your Body Optimally
Your Goal for this Challenge
Become Keto-Adapted. This simply means that your body becomes efficient at being able to effectively burn fat…and function very well even in the presence of very little glucose.
By becoming keto-adapted, your body literally will become a fat-burning machine!
‘FIRST’ Time for Everything!
On this keto diet, you’re going to be eating more “fat” than you may have in the past. I want you to go in with full confidence that you’re making a wise decision.   
The benefits of this simple eating strategy stretch far beyond fat loss, from hormonal balance to gut-health, neuroprotective qualities to preventing cognitive disease, and more!
There’s a chance this will be your … 
• First “fat bomb” 
• First cup of bulletproof coffee 
• First time you’re being told it’s good to skip breakfast 
• First time you’ll try intermittent fasting 


What’s Included?
• 21-Day Keto Checklist 

• Success Manual 
• Ketogenic Goal Sheet 
• Measurement Tracker 
• Meal Guides & Grocery Lists

Start the Program ANYTIME from the comfort of your own home: daily inbox emails to help you stay on track, downloadable content and FB support.


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