Well, winter is coming to an end and the time for spring cleaning is just around the corner.

Most of us take time to clean our houses inside and out, taking care of every detail. It feels so good to let the stale air out of the house and new fresh spring air to come into the house.

Don’t you just want to dance when everything is shining and smelling fresh and clean?

I know I do 😉

In the past 7-8 years I made a habit of spring cleaning my body as well as my house

I carefully select the dates around Spring Equinox to do a detox and switch up my diet from heavier, heartier meals to the ones that are lighter and fresher. I have done so many different cleanses and detoxes over the last 8 years that many fellow nutritionists are consulting with me and asking me questions about detoxing.

I have to say, I often do very intense liver detoxes and this is NOT what this program is about. This program is about eliminating certain foods out of your diet, unloading the body from heavier meals, and supporting your body to eliminate toxins.

If you are looking to do a more intense cleanse/detox, I STRONGLY suggest you do this under a close supervision of a trained health care professional. As I have learned over many years of practice, it is important to address the individual needs of every client through personally designed supplementation and meal protocols.

If you are ready to shed winter weight, regain energy, feel lighter, improve your focus and look fresh and vibrant then wait no more, I present to you, the….

Spring Cleaning Your Body Program

A 28-Day Cleansing Program to Improve Your Health and Promote Longevity

  • Each week is planned out for you.
  • You have the shopping list and a detailed guide to support you each week.

All the hard work is done, and all that is required of you is to follow it!

What You Will Get with the Program

  • A Detailed Guide to the program which explains how to use the program and the reasoning behind each recommendation.
  • Supplementation suggestion (OPTIONAL)
  • 4 weeks of carefully designed meal plan with recipes and a printable schedule to keep you on track
  • Facebook Support and accountability


Can anyone do this cleanse?

Although I have designed this cleanse to be a gentle one and most people can do it, I strongly recommend you consulting a health care professional or sending us an email before you proceed.

The cleanse is based on clean eating with organ specific supporting foods, however, there are those who take certain medications that may not be able to do the cleanse due to food restriction.

Is this safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

The answer is yes and no.

Let me explain.

If you are a pregnant/breastfeeding woman who is and has been eating a clean diet for at least 6-12 months, then yes you can do this (also refer to answer to the question above). If you are someone who has been making poor food choices (no judgement here), but please wait until you are no longer pregnant/breastfeeding before starting the program.

Are there additional costs such as equipment and/or supplements/vitamins?

The short answer is no.

I have structured it in a way that you just need to worry about buying and making the food, everything else will be accessible to you for free.

That being said, some bonus material will include “safe” supplements to use that can help accelerate the cleanse and obviously would have to be purchased. It is OPTIONAL and COMPLETELY up to you if you want to introduce them or not.

I want to use MyFitnessPal - is nutritional information included with the recipes?

Yes there is.

Although the nutritional information is there for you, I strongly advise against counting calories and restricting your intake beyond what is given to you. I ask you to give 100% commitment for 4 short weeks.

I am an athlete, can I do it?

You can if you are not training.

If you ARE training please use the nutritional information to help you design and add additional meals to your daily intake in order to keep your metabolism healthy and energy up during the training sessions. Those who train need additional macronutrients, so please adjust accordingly.

Got More Questions?

Feel free to email me at veronika@gaiagoddessnutrition.com

With love and healing energy,